Whenever we ask someone about ideas for their logos, they tend to draw a blank around the topic of their brand’s colors. We get met with responses like, “I know don’t,” “it doesn’t matter,” and “you can pick for me.” There are 10 million colors to “just pick” one, and it takes a bit of thought. More thought than your favorite color. Without further ado, let’s talk colors. Red
(Target, Coca-Cola, Netflix)

The color of passion. Red is WordPress Website Maker - bicycle shop logo design vector 53876 40626energetic and versatile, a color often associated with power, danger, and love. Red is a provocative color identified with increasing your heart rate; it can even stimulate your appetite!

If you want to be known as daring, unique, and exciting then red would be a great color for your brand. It is perfect for any business that wants to be memorable because it is loud, it’s angry, and it demands attention.

If your brand is serious and mature, then you will want to stay away from red and find a more mature color.

(Home Depot, Firefox, Fanta)

The color of energy. Orange is WordPress Website Maker - mascot logo with monkey 23 2148463684playful and friendly. It’s an energetic color perfect for children. Orange also represents change and is a great color to use for brands that want to show that they are different. 

(McDonald’s, Sprint, Hertz)

The color of happiness. Yellow is WordPress Website Maker - start 53876 25533an attention seeking color used on children. Think McDonald’s or Big Bird. It’s also one of the easiest colors to spot on a dark background. Think about hailing a taxi at night, or how yellow caution signs meant to get your attention.

If your company is happy and affordable, then using yellow would be great, especially if it is targeted towards the youth, or building a friendship.

 Yellow is another color to avoid if your brand represents maturity or leadership.

(Mint, Spotify, Animal Planet)

The color of growth. Green WordPress Website Maker - natural food typography logo design 106244 109represents stability and confidence. In the United States, green is a color that is commonly used with money. Green can work well for almost any brand, but is best used as your primary color if your brand is intelligent, or in the financial or environmental fields. 

(Chase, Facebook, Ford)

The color of trust. Blue is seen onViBn logo many financial institutions like Chase and Barclays. Though one of the most popular colors in the world, blue is avoided around food establishments because it is believed to suppress one’s appetite. You may want to use blue if you have a family-oriented brand, or if you want to be known as a company that is honest and sincere. Excellent for banks and any water company. Blue should be used for serious brands. Playful ones should steer clear of using dark blue as its base color, and opt for a lighter blue.

(Taco Bell, Roku, Minnesota Vikings)

The color of luxury. Purple is a WordPress Website Maker - gamer purple logo 7737 1549mysterious color often used with creativity, wealth, or glamour. If you have a good looking business that you want to be viewed as smooth, or offers premium services, then you may want to use purple as your primary color.

(Barbie, Baskin Robbins, Lyft)

The color of feminism. Pink is WordPress Website Maker - HeartHandoften associated with females and issues surrounding woman. Pink would be a great color for your brand if it is associated with gratitude or innocence. Though once a unisex color, pink should be avoided if you’re targeting men. Some people still don’t think real men wear pink.


(UPS, Cracker Barrel, A&W)

The color of masculinity. Brown is WordPress Website Maker - font design word zoo 1308 20631barely used, but is often seen on rugged brands, or brands associated with nature. Brown will be a good color to use if you’re in the construction business, or involved with nature, or if you just want to have that vintage look and message. If pink is for the ladies, then brown is for the gents. WhiteThe color of cleanliness. White is a clean, simple color. Useful for businesses in the medical or wedding industries. White is WordPress Website Maker - restaurant logo retro design 23 2148467378difficult to use as a color begins when it’s paired with another color white becomes the secondary color. White is used perfectly for clean brands, but can work well for any business.

(HBO, CBS, Nike)

The color of power. Black is bold, dark, powerful, and modern. Black is a serious color used in dark moments like death and anything evil.WordPress Website Maker - Black RadioThere are more colors than the nine listed above, but these can give you a good start.  brown grey  

What Colors Should I Choose?

If you’re really struggling, take some time to read everything we wrote with your business in mind. Then, just pick a color that speaks to you. Though important, don’t waste too many valuable hours on colors. If you have an established logo already, then you may already have a base color. You can pick one color and use this color generator to create your palette. It allows you to see your colors and how it will look on site. 

Does Color Really Have That Much of an Impact?

If you read everything above and are thinking that this color stuff is non-sense, you may be right. However, why take a chance unless it’s necessary? If your company’s name is The Blue Chicken, then you can ignore all of that and make blue a mandatory color on your palette. Obviously, there are brands that do not follow the color “guidelines” above, or any guidelines at all. You don’t have to either. In fact, it may be a good thing to differentiate yourself from the norm. It’s common to see competitors with different color schemes. Wal-Mart vs. Target, anybody? These color rules are not set in stone. Our experiences with color vary from person to person and may change over time. How you use your selected colors are just as important as picking them. 

So, which color best describes the brand of your business?

Coca Cola and Target trademarked their red. McDonald’s and their golden arches. Monster drinks are known by their colors. UPS brown. Blare’s black and red. We can do this all day. Tell us the color of your brand.