If you want to sell products on WordPress, most people would suggest that you install and use WooCommerce. We would have to disagree and suggest that you take a look at Ecwid.

This is about why we chose to use Ecwid for our e-commerce platforms for ourselves, our partners, and our clients. If you want to get a comparison about the two, read this and read a blog post that Ecwid posted on their website.

Quick Setup

Every time that we set up a store with WooCommerce, we had to go through a ton of steps to get everything up before anyone could even see a product.

With Ecwid, it took a few minutes to add a product to our store and to have a link to give to people so they could see what we’re selling.

With both, WooCommerce and Ecwid, you can partially setup your store and return to your dashboard later to complete setting up your store.

Mobile App

The WooCommerce app, or lack of, was the main reason we began to search for an alternative. The app was not working for one of our clients, and the only answer we could get was that there is some sort of a security risk. Though we don’t think it was a fault of WooCommerce, we needed something that would work with our stores.

The Ecwid app was our solution to the problem that we just mentioned, and we soon discovered (unless WooCommerce) that it was so easy to modify its design and layout.

Social Media

WooCommerce works amazingly with WordPress, but that’s the thing. It’s just for WordPess.

Ecwid is designed to work on many platforms. My favorite is that with Ecwid you can sell products on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

The Bad

The first thing that you may notice that automatically gives WooCommerce points over Ecwid is that WooCommerce is free. They have premium extensions that can be added for a cost, but overall you can add as many products and variants that you like at no additional cost.

Though Ecwid has a free option, it is very limited. Allowing only 10 products and no way to set up shipping, staff, and other important things.

The End

WooCommerce and Ecwid both have a ton of the same features, but we feel that Ecwid makes things easier to find and change. Things such as attributes, colors, sizes, categories, and more.